Ready to drop the bomb on your appetite? Participate in The Picnic Basket’s two foot Super Bomber meal challenge.

Simply shell out $29, belly up to a table and in ONE HOUR consume our 24” Super Bomber sub meal. It’s one of our famous subs topped with mouth-watering ham, turkey and roast beef, and your choice of two cheeses. Throw in a basket of chips, a pound of spiral pasta, a Sprecher soda, your own cheering section and you’re set!

Finish the meal and you’ll receive a free 8” sub, once a month, for an entire year and a Picnic Basket t-shirt. Come up a little short? Try again! Aw heck, we’ll throw in the t-shirt for your effort.

Rules: Sorry, no sharing with your friends during the contest. You must eat the entire meal in one hour at a table reserved for the Super Bomber participant. You can’t leave the table (eeks we know) during your meal. You must pay for your meal prior to the event.